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    i care a lot about slytherin girls tbh

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  2. "wow this show is gay"
    — me on Bakumatsu Rock, DRAMAtical Murder, Free! Eternal Summer, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun, Kuroshitsuji, Love Stage, Shounen Hollywood, Zankyou no Terror, Haikyuu, and pretty much everything else this summer (via ramenluv)

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    WTF though?? Like how did something think this shit up. They gone too far!

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    Fact #4: Lobsters not only feel pain – they can anticipate it and learn to avoid it. Just like us. 

    In fact, these misunderstood creatures are so sensitive, they can become anxious and ‘comfort eat’ (sound familiar?) How much do you have in common with lobsters? You might be surprised … 6 incredible lobster facts: www.AnimalsAus.org/PqE

    I love lobsters so much seeing them on people’s plates is horrid

    Oh silas lol

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    a message to people who sleep with clothes on: love yourself

    i’m gonna be the winner here when a fire breaks out and i don’t have to run outside and greet the neighbors with my titties out

    a lifetime of sweatless nights is worth one loose titty fire escape 

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  6. "Fate gives all of us three teachers, three friends, three enemies, and three great loves in our lives. But these twelve are always disguised, and we can never know which one is which until we’ve loved them, left them, or fought them."
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    is no one going to talk about how miranda has been replaced with a random middle aged woman

    if you knew anything about lizzie mcguire you would know that miranda is livin it up in Mexico City while Lizzie has an awesome adventure with Paolo and Isabella, while trying to avoid the evil wrath of Ms Ungermeyer, who is definitely not some “random middle aged woman”


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    now theres 


















    Sylveon, and finally



    I don’t know what I expected.

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    when you know everything is working out and will be worked out perfectly. My faith has never been stronger than it is tonight. I witnessed 40,000 people lift their voices with strangers to praise God. Tonight I witnessed truth, passion and love. Take Heart in knowing that things will work out. He…

    I saw Hillsong United 3 years ago with Tahnee, Raven and bunch of other friends from church. It was such an amazing experience. 

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    Harry Potter locations

    Awesome save the for the fact that I think Shell Cottage is supposed to be the Burrow.  I’m no Englishman, but I am a geography nerd and I’m pretty sure that’s not Cornwall.

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    I think the most Slytheriny Slytherin there ever was was Slughorn. He was so freaking ambitious, but he wasn’t a particularly great wizard himself. So he cultivated a little following of great wizards to do all the work for him. He was never evil or mean or cruel like a dark…


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    Characters who were not restrained by the preconceived ideas others had of them because of their house:


    • Peter Pettigrew (He was not brave or chivalrous and betrayed his best friends when things became tough. Joined the Death Eaters out of fear)
    • Percy Weasley…
    • Cedric Diggory (He was exceedingly brave and was chosen by the Sorting Hat as the champion of all Hogwarts students)
    • Newton Scamander (Successful Magizoologist, not easily forgotten)
    • Nymphadora Tonks (Fought bravely with the Order of the Phoenix for many years, very popular with a great sense of humour)
    • Zacharias Smith (Selfish and a coward, abandoned the school during the Battle of Hogwarts, even pushing younger students out of the way to escape quicker)

    Okay I want to refute a few of these. First of all just because you are in one house it doesn’t mean you can’t have traits of other houses. Why is it assumed that Hufflepuffs can’t be brave? Or they can’t be popular? Or they are people are easily forgotten? Or they can’t be scared? 

    The Hufflepuff house isn’t just some stupid cowardly nice person’s house. They are JUST and TRUE and UNAFRAID OF TOIL. They have traits of PATIENCE, KINDNESS, TOLERENCE, HARDWORK, DEDICATION, and FAIR PLAY and on top of what traits are they accept EVERYONE ELSE WHO DOESN’T FIT IN. 

    I’m sorry but Cedric Diggory wasn’t just brave, he was dedicated to working hard and loyal to his house. Ever head the phrase, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard?” He was a hufflepuff and he was just. He valued goodness and fairness and was an all around GOOD guy. Why is this not enough to be chosen as a champion. He wasn’t an exception to his house. He was an example of his house. 

    Tonks had one of the biggest hearts out there and accepted almost everyone who she saw as good and right no matter what. She was a hufflepuff and hell yeah she was brave and a bad ass and that isn’t an exception to her house at all. She was funny and popular because good just people with kind hearts usually are. She saw bad in the world and wanted to help it and get rid of it and fight for the good side, the right side. She couldn’t sit back and let it happen while she had the power to change things.

    Hufflepuffs aren’t not magically talented. No house is condemned to have all crappy students. 

    As for Newt Scammander, I don’t know the guy too well but saying someone is memorable doesn’t make him NOT a hufflepuff.

    And as for Smith, he was a jerk but he also could have been an “all the rest” student.


    • Gilderoy Lockhart (While talented in memory charms, Lockhart was not original or individual, choosing instead to steal the adventures of other witches and wizards to gain fame)
    • Cho Chang (Although presumably a talented and intelligent witch, she was a very poor judge of character, becoming jealous of Harry and Hermione’s close friendship and believing that her best friend Marietta would not tell on the DA)

    Now moving onto Ravenclaws.

    What does being jealous or believing in your best friends character have to do with being a Ravenclaw? Or being an exception to being a Ravenclaw? Nothing. 

    These houses aren’t cookie cutters. There is not a whole house of one type of person. Yes she was emotional and maybe dense in some situations that doesn’t make her not a Ravenclaw. Ravenclaws aren’t just book nerds that run around only worrying about logic and making straight O’s. 

    And Gilderoy Lockhart was, I believe, a product of his house not an exception to it. Also he was very smart to come up with those plans and steal these people’s stories and never get caught. There probably aren’t many people out there who have done that…in fact probably only a handful…which is original. Now that I am stretching a bit but honestly he probably wanted to be in Ravenclaw so badly because he wasted to be smart and cool and intellectual. He became what he was because of the stigma’s people have about the house. He had to rise to his house name and it drove him to do awful things in the name of “being a ravenclaw.” Now I can see your point for him at the very least but those were my thoughts on him.


    • Phineas Black II (Risked being disowned from his family in order to display his support for Muggle rights)
    • Andromeda Tonks (Married Muggle-Born Ted Tonks and was disowned from her family and survived torture without giving away information about Harry Potter)
    • Narcissa Malfoy (Outgrew her fascination for the Dark Arts and put Draco before her own safety when lying to Lord Voldemort about Harry Potter)
    • Regulus Black (Defied the Dark Lord and tried to destroy one of his Horcruxes despite knowing that he would eventually be killed for it)
    • Horace Slughorn (Sided with the defenders of Hogwarts, actually duelling with the Dark Lord himself, and protected students when Snape and the Carrows were ruling the school)

    Slytherins are not all evil freaks and they also are very loyal to their own kind having a strong sense of fraternity. 

    Narcissa loved her family and her son more than anything. She would give anything up for her little Draco. That is an example of being a Slytherin. She protected her own.

    As for the rest of them, there is no where in any of the books that state slytherin’s have no morals or have to be on the bad side.  

    So though these people and these aspects do not exemplify being a slytherin maybe these reasons are not enough to make them exceptions. Even Slytherin’s have conscience’s. 

    And as for Peter Pettigrew, You are right about him at least though also I believe he wanted to be in gryffindor so the hat put him there.